1. original Haiku visualized 

    words and images by yours truly  Shani Crowe 


  2. Chakaba II : Southside Love

    (Source: vimeo.com)


  3. Bounce Birthday! all i ever wanted!

    like my outfit? its homemade!

    Thanks Kyle for documenting di fun 


  4. beginnings  -Alain Locke charter school class of 2013 


  5. Last Day in LA, super fun 


  6. Adams Party 


  7. Vibes. Adams Awesome cool party. 


  8. At the homie Adams party, showing off the pretty lights, rockin A.N.I. Reclaimed sports wear.

    (Source: alternativesurreality)


  9. Im published!!!!!! nail editorial in Bisous magazine! 


  10. Amira 

    When we go out everyone always asks if she’s my daughter.I tell them no she’s my precious niece. 

    But i hope that my progeny is as spectacular as this love nugget!